Shonna’s Rustic Farm Wedding

Growing up on a farm in the mountains of North Carolina, I wanted a rustic themed wedding with the reception in a barn.  We wanted our friends and family surrounding us, good food, good music, and a beautiful setting.  We knew when … Continue reading »


Letter From The President

I sent a wedding invitation to The President and got this as a response.  It is a standard response, but I’m still excited!! The President & First Lady,  The White House,  Greetings Office, Room 39,  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20502


Running of The Bride

As a kickoff to bachelorette weekend, we decided to start with a mud/obstacle run.  Four of my closest girlfriends and I signed up for the Armageddon Ambush at Wicomico Motorsports Park in Maryland.  I bought a 1980’s style wedding dress and the girls bought bridesmaid’s dresses … Continue reading »

Use a ribbon in your wedding colors

Outdoor Aisle Decoration

Outdoor weddings tend to have a great backdrop already so there’s little to do for decor. But for the aisle, you’ll want to add something that will draw the attention to the middle and up to the alter. Here’s a simple idea … Continue reading »

The Amazing Race Wedding Shower required that the groom wear a veil before walking into Harris Teeter to perform his challenge.

Amazing Race Wedding Shower

I’m so excited to share my wedding adventure.  I decided for my first post, it will be fun to talk about the shower that my fantastic bridesmaids threw for me.  They know that I am not the type of person that will enjoy … Continue reading »


Songs That Will Make You Dance

I love this RSVP idea from Shonna! You can ask your guests which songs that they like so you can give the list to your DJ/band. Your guests are sure to have a good time. I stared at the blank line forever. … Continue reading »

She'll like photo booths when she's older. :P

Wedding Season in High Gear

So much to write about, so little time. Especially with a little one in my life now, I gotta make the time. For sure, the wedding experience is much different. For instance, open bar is not a must-have for me, but I … Continue reading »


Lucky Weddings

Thanks to SimplyBridal.com for sharing this infographic about how to bring luck on your wedding day. Looks like it depends which culture you’re from. What other lucky traditions have you heard to bring luck on a wedding day? 

Bride’s Special Dance With Her Late Father

This wedding happened last year but it was shared on the news this past Friday. A bride lost her father shortly before her wedding. For the father-daughter dance, the bride’s brother arranged a dance with the bride to “Butterfly Kisses” while she … Continue reading »

Jay Cutler

NFL Player Proposes Through Text Message

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler proposed to his fiancee through a text message and mailed the engagement ring to her. Apparently, she had the ring sitting in the box for awhile before she opened it. Does that sound super un-romantic to you? … Continue reading »


Pre-Wedding Madness

Howdy BFCers! I’m so excited to blog and share my wedding planning journey (including the ups AND the downs).  From the title of my post, you might anticipate reading about the days and hours leading up to our ceremony, the scrambling together … Continue reading »

For the Star Trek geek!

Star Trek Grooms Cake

My college friend was delighted to get a surprise groom’s cake from his newlywed wife! Yes, I went to a geeky college but anyone can be a Star Trek fan.