In Honor of Earth Day – April 22nd

When Scott and I married in 2004, there wasn’t much material available to give suggestions on how to plan a Green wedding. These days, tons of helpful links show up if you Google “green wedding ideas.” I haven’t come close to exhausting Green wedding ideas but wanted to share a book I recently bought for my Kindle, The Green Bride Guide. I looked through a bunch of books and thought this one would be good to read. The author also has her own website that shows weddings that have used ideas from the book.

The Green Bride Guide
I like the fact that many brides want to incorporate Green ideas not just because of cost, but because they believe in a cause. Everyday we should encourage each other to be good stewards of the Earth we live in.  I hope this day causes people not think of Green ideas not just today, but throughout the year. If you have good Green ideas, please share!

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