Wedding Planning: some of my favorite things

I loved my wedding! But I’m very glad I don’t have to plan it any more!

So, who am I, and why am I here, blogging about something I’m glad I no longer have to do?

Well, first up, my name is Nat. I moved to Northern Virginia from Australia nearly four years ago, and last year planned my November wedding.

I’ve been a pretty creative person since I was a kid, so my wedding was a great opportunity to showcase some of my skills (ok, I admit, I partly treated it as presenting my portfolio to my boss ;-) ). I loved doing the creative things like my invitations, favors, programs, guest book, escort cards, and centerpieces so much that I’m considering starting my own wedding stationery business some day.

There were other things that I didn’t have much interest in though – my husband (KT) came to the rescue the day before our wedding and put together the slideshow; neither of us really like cake, so I refused to pay $800 for a wedding cake and instead had a friend make me a cupcake tower for $200; and I didn’t really care much about the music, so had my musicians pick most of it out.

There are a couple of reasons why I’m here blogging. Firstly, I love wedding stationery and if I could do just that part of my wedding over and over again, I would (since I don’t plan to get married again, I now do wedding stationery for other people!). Secondly, I’m super thrifty. I love to find great deals on things that still look good, and I hate the idea of brides (and grooms) spending their entire house down payment on their wedding. Thirdly, I love to help people, share ideas, and make recommendations.

The thing I loved most about my own wedding was walking down the aisle and around the reception later on and seeing all my hard work come together. It was such a great feeling of accomplishment! One of the things that turned out to be my favorite thing was the flower arrangements – something I also didn’t really care much about! I had a friend put them together after my guidance of “$200, green and white, limes, striking, and modern” and they looked incredible!

Tell me about you! Have you had your wedding yet, are you planning it, or are you still dreaming about your big day? For those already married, what was your favorite part about planning/the big day? For those engaged or still waiting, what are you most looking forward to (well, other than the “being married” and “end of the planning” parts)?. Share your thoughts below!

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5 Responses to Wedding Planning: some of my favorite things

  1. Julie says:

    Your wedding was beautiful!! My favorite part of planning my wedding was the part I didn’t have to plan. :)

  2. Jenn says:

    I’m w/ you Nat; I loved planning my wedding too! Although my favorite part was the logistics and how the whole day would feel and unfold. And the food. :) I didn’t care as much the design aspects. (That’s why I recruited incredibly talented friends like you :) haha).

    I’ll give you a huge hat-tip for the gorgeous brochures you made! The little booklets w/ the ceremony information and who was involved in the wedding. . . those were beautiful. (and, yep, not too pricey either!)

    This looks like a fun blog. Congrats. :)

  3. Johanna says:

    I sometimes enjoy and sometimes don’t enjoy doing creative things :p I can’t imagine right now how it will be like when I do have to prepare for my own wedding in the future :D
    I’m very interested in reading more of your stories and ideas ~

  4. jenny says:

    Hi, is this suppose to be like Looks like the same format. Cool!

  5. auschick says:

    Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by :). The blog of this site is similar to wedding bee, but we have fewer bloggers and we use our real names :-). In a few weeks time (not sure exactly when), we’ll have some wedding planning tools rolling out that will *hopefully* make planning a wedding even easier :).

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