Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the Big Fat Cake community! A place where brides, grooms, planners, helpers, guests, and anyone curious about wedding planning can share and collect wedding planning ideas. We want to be more than the typical vendor directory that many other wedding sites are.  Rather, we want to share with you helpful tips and provide you with tools so you can plan with the least amount of time and worry, and contrary to popular belief, have fun while doing it!

Why “Big Fat Cake?” Well, cake is the common theme for many celebrations and it’s something that’s sweet, yummy and memorable.

Big Fat Cake has three dedicated bloggers: Nat, David, and Anna. Meet them here. They will introduce themselves with their first post and then get right into blogging! Check back, comment, and contribute as you wish! We would love to hear about your experiences. Even better, get regular updates through our RSS feed. We encourage you to provide any feedback or ideas on the blog or site, we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy our blog and future site updates! Happy planning!

Christine & Scott

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3 Responses to Welcome Everyone!

  1. Jin says:

    Love the name and the site looks great!

  2. gubookie says:

    Glad to see things up and running!! I look forward to reading about all things sweet and delicious…

  3. jenny says:

    Hi, is this suppose to be like weddingbee.com? Looks like the same format. Cool!

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