Wedding Tech: Managing Email

If there is one thing that happens when you first get engaged and start spreading your information around, it’s this:  Wedding Spam.  Sign up at any major wedding website: get spammed; Register for wedding gifts: get spammed; Try on a wedding dress: get spammed.

When KT and I first got engaged, the first thing we did was set up a wedding Gmail account.  This was the best thing we did!  As we both have personal Gmail accounts, we were able to set up the wedding Gmail account to forward to both of our personal accounts AND automatically get labeled with a “wedding” tag.  Having a wedding only account is great – we can give out one address to vendors when we have questions, and they then email both of us the information.  The downside is that we also end up getting spammed a lot.  Thankfully though, we didn’t intend to keep using the wedding account after we’re married, so we could choose to either remove it from sending us copies of all the emails, or have Gmail just redirect everything that comes in to our Gmail archive.

Unfortunately, my home address has also been given to various vendors, so after I got engaged I daily got some kind of wedding related post card that I would usually throw away.  Thankfully, when I moved into our new house after the wedding, all that mail has pretty much stopped coming.

Here’s some instructions on how I got our Gmail redirecting into our individual accounts:
Set up Gmail account
Go to Settings | Filters
Create 2 filters – 1 that sends to you, and 1 that sends to your fiance(/e), and marks it as “read”.
Log out and log in to your personal account.
Go to Settings | Filters and create a filter that will label all mail that is sent to your wedding address with the tag you want to use.

The other cool thing about Gmail is that you can go into the settings, click “accounts,” and add your wedding account to your personal account. Whenever you compose an email, you’ll get to choose to send from either your personal account or your wedding account.

There is only one problem that I have found with the redirect method.  As the filter is only forwarding those things that were addressed to us, it does not forward anything where we are a BCC.

I hope these tricks are helpful for you! Do you have any other tips for managing wedding email and snail mail?

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2 Responses to Wedding Tech: Managing Email

  1. Ina K. says:

    Helloooo! Your advice totally saved our inboxes! This is a really great idea!

  2. auschick says:

    @Ina Awesome! Glad these tips helped you :)

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