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My fiance found her dress!

A couple of weeks ago, the missus-to-be went to a bridal sample sale at Saks. This was her second time ever looking for a wedding dress. Neither she nor anyone else, myself included, expected her to find anything, much less “THE DRESS.” So it was a huge surprise, to say the least, when she called me at work and told me she bought her dress.

Okay, so here are some details (at least those that she’s shared with me):

  • The dress was ultra, super-duper, ridiculous-yo cheap. Not only was it marked down because it was a sample, but apparently there was some kind of price tagging error, which resulted in another discount layered on top. (I won’t lie – when she told me this, my heart/brain/stomach jumped for joy.)
  • The designer of the dress is some high end designer.
  • The condition of the dress is really good. All she’ll really need to do is make some slight alterations.

When she told me she bought a dress, I was happy for her. Almost immediately though, I wondered a few things. First, I asked her if she was SURE that it was THE dress? I’ve read many stories of women who would impulsively buy a dress, only to regret it the moment their credit card was swiped. Thankfully, she was very happy and excited about the dress, and there was no buyer’s remorse.

Second, I felt a bit bad that she wasn’t able to find the dress while shopping with her sister, who will also be her maid of honor. I’d imagine that process would’ve been really fun, and meaningful. That said, no one, the missus-to-be especially, expected to buy a dress that day. However, when the time is right, the time is right.

Anyway, long story short, she now has a dress, and that’s a huge thing that comes off our to-do list (and with so much time to spare!). Of course, she won’t let me see it yet, which brings me to the other point of this post.


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The woman wants my first moment of seeing her in the dress to be when she’s walking down the aisle. The way we currently have our venue booked and scheduled, doing that and also taking wedding party pictures before the reception is going to be a tight fit, time-wise. So that’s our dilemma. How can we take pictures together before the reception (and ceremony) without sacrificing that “a-ha” moment?

Have any of you ladies (let’s be honest, I’m the only one with a Y chromosome on this site — Scott doesn’t count) had to figure that kind of dilemma out?

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4 Responses to Dresses and Stuff

  1. talida says:

    The missus-to-be certainly got a good deal! It’s by far the best deal I’ve ever heard of on a wedding dress. You’re a lucky man. ;)

    You certainly don’t have to sacrifice that “a-ha” moment due to logistics. Plan to have a meeting place/time where the two of you can meet and have that moment captured. Make sure your photographer knows you want to do this. We did it this way, and the picture of us anxiously waiting on separate sides of a wall made for one my favorite shots of the day.

  2. Christine & Scott says:

    I’ve helped other brides/grooms take pictures before the ceremony but no pictures of them together. Together pictures happened between ceremony and reception but they didn’t have to take as many. However, this plan doesn’t work for large parties because it’s hard to get families to the ceremony earlier for pictures. My family always runs late so I didn’t even try. We had all our pictures taken during the cocktail hour and that worked perfect. We had someone keep us on schedule (thanks Tak!) while our coordinator was running the cocktail hour.

  3. mel says:

    Gary and I are pondering the same thing. We are planning something similar to what Talida and Tim did. =) Hope there are some great pics. =)

  4. Christy says:

    Mike and I are doing esentially the same idea as Talida. We won’t see each other all morning, but are doing a photo session together with the photographer before the ceremony. You still get the “A-ha” moment but without a crowd of on-lookers. Mike is fairly shy so if we waited until the actual ceremony, he would be more stressed about standing in front of 150 people than noticing me. Plus, if you are a crier, you get the tears out of the way with enough time for a make-up touch up before the actual ceremony.

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