Sassy Invitations

I have to share this with everyone – I just came across the second coolest wedding invitations I’ve ever seen!  If you’re wondering, first place belongs to Nat and her awesome DIY invites (parts one and two), thank-you notes and programs. :)

This super creative approach to wedding invitations is a light-hearted take on one couple’s unorthodox courtship over seven years, and literally tells their story from the beginning.  I’m going to let you read the invite, then show you the corresponding direction and RSVP cards.

Courtesy Metal Mother blog

Courtesy Metal Mother blog

One of the reasons that I love this idea is because everyone at the wedding showed up knowing the bride and groom’s full story.  After seven years of dating, I’m sure there were plenty of questions and speculation about when the big day would finally come.  This answered any questions anyone may have had and allowed the focus to shine on the couple’s big day without any awkward jokes from weird Uncle Bud.

The RSVP and direction cards kept in step with the theme, and were funny and simple.

Metal Mother blog

RSVP: Metal Mother blog

Metal Mother blog

RSVP and Directions: Metal Mother blog

Metal Mother blog

Directions: Metal Mother blog

This type of invitation isn’t for everyone, but it should be recognized as a funny, creative and different way to invite people to your big day.  While I love this, I know that I probably wouldn’t do something so plain – mine will have to have swirls, bold colors and possibly a flower or two.  What about you?

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2 Responses to Sassy Invitations

  1. auschick says:

    haha thanks Anna! I love these!!! I also saw someone who was really into the arts and did theirs as movie posters (i think), then had the programs done as playbills. Love thinking outside the box!

  2. Andrea says:

    Anna, I would expect your invites to also have unicorns. This is very clever. You can help me plan anything, anyday!

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