To do hair up or hair down?


Different Hair Styles

I’ve been debating for some time now how to wear my hair for the wedding.  It’s a garden wedding, which is a bit more romantic— some have suggested wearing it down with waves or curls.  At the same time I am a bit more traditional and considering for a up hair-do.  Unfortunately, the stylist that is doing my hair does not do trial runs.  I will have to know exactly what I want, how I want it that day.  My game plan is to bring as many photographs as possible.

What I know for sure is that I will need some sort of accessory.  I feel like a little girl because I want everything— headband, flower, veil, crystals.  It doesn’t end.  But I know I can NOT wear ALL those things in my hair for the wedding.

As for headbands,  I had my eyes on Jennifer Behr. Here is one I really love:


petite crystal and satin headwrap

What I found to be a very popular trend lately is to wear a flower (whether handmade flower or real flower).  The single flower is definitely what I’m leaning towards.  However, the more difficult decision now is feather flower, silk flower or real flower.  I just love Renee Pawele‘s and Sara Gabriel’s collections.


Palisades Feather Flower From Renee Pawele

There are so many different choices for brides these days.  From tiaras to birdcage veils.  Although, I’m not considering a tiara, I can still look.  Here is one I love from Toni Federici.


Tiara by Toni Federici

For now the decision is still not made.  I guess everyone will have to wait for the big day to find out!

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  1. greenellephant says:

    I can’t wait!! You’re going to be a stunning bride!!

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