Bed & Breakfast in St. Thomas, Wedding in St. John

(This post is a continuation of the destination wedding series using St. John as an example)

View from Cabrita #3C

View from the bed & breakfast patio

Cabrita Point #3C (click on “condo” for #3C) is a lucky find for brides who want to have a picturesque wedding while on a budget. This bed & breakfast condo sits on the water in Red Hook and is located close to the ferry to St. John. The owner, Ms. J, is a great resource for planning your wedding. She’s a photographer with training from Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Her experience in the fashion industry  (hair, makeup, photography) is a great asset to have for your wedding. She is a lady with many years of wisdom, but don’t let her age fool you. She has more energy than a lady in her 20’s. While we were there, she was watching several pets while their owners were away while also working on her properties. She even recently paved roads! She’s fun to talk to and you’ll appreciate her hospitality with the condo. In my last destination wedding post,  I shared about how this condo will help you stay in budget. It’s not luxury like at fancy hotels, but I  found that this condo was a strategic location for two reasons:

Sunset between St. John and St. Thomas. We saw dolphins swim next to us!

Watching the sunset between St. John and St. Thomas while on the ferry. We saw dolphins swim next to us!

  1. You can experience both islands (ferry is only $10 per person for roundtrip) since it’s located very close to the ferry that takes you to St. John. A cab ride runs about $5 from the ferry to the condo, if needed.
  2. It saves you money in hotel costs because it is generally more expensive to stay on St. John.
Trunk Bay's Beach in St. John

Trunk Bay's Beach in St. John

It seems the general consensus is that the beaches are more beautiful in St. John, which is why I suggested to get married on one of their beaches. Their beaches were preserved as national parks so they are not allowed to be stripped for commercial stores. Cruise ships dock in St. Thomas, therefore there are more people and it’s more crowded, but they are not allowed to dock in St. John. Around 4:30 the beaches clear so that folks can get back on the ferry to St. Thomas and onto their ship. Also, cruise ship weddings in St. Thomas conduct their weddings in an assembly line on St. Thomas beaches so that brides are around other brides who are waiting for their turn on the beach. If you want more privacy, I would definitely suggest St. John beaches for the wedding ceremony. If you still want a St. Thomas beach wedding, Ms. J should be able to help you figure out the most optimal time.  FYI, she specializes in weddings of 8 people or less.

Next, I’ll share about a super awesome spot for the bride who does not have to worry as much about budget constraints.

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