Elyse & Brad’s Wedding

Elyse & Brad's Wedding

Elyse & Brad's Wedding

It’s all about destination weddings this year. In June it was San Francisco, then there was Honolulu! The thought of just going to Hawaii was a dream. Now having a wedding in Hawaii, this was heaven. The wedding was held at a beautiful hotel by the beach in Waikiki called Halekulani Hotel.

The ceremony was in the center courtyard of the hotel.  The bride wore a gorgeous flowing dress designed by the maid of honor, Jeny Lee.  The bridesmaids and she were also wearing a dress she designed.    It was a beautiful turquoise dress that had accompanied the bride’s dress very well.

I loved how the couple incorporated their different cultures during the reception.  Brad is Chinese and to celebrate his culture, there was a lion dance in the beginning of the party.  It is usually performed as a ceremony to summon luck and fortune. Spectators can hand feed “lucky money” in red envelopes into the lion’s mouth to provide the giver with luck. To get the lions started, each table had a dozen or so balloons, which the guests popped with toothpicks to imitate firecrackers.  The lion dance was one of my favorite highlights of the wedding.  I absolutely loved it!

Near, the end of the reception, they celebrated Elyse’s Korean culture with a tea ceremony.  Along with a series of events, tea was offered to both Elyse and Brad’s parents.  After all the formal gestures, Brad picked up Elyse on his back and carried her out! That was so much fun to watch.

Have you been to a wedding where they incorporated different cultures of the bride and groom? Have you ever been to a wedding in Hawaii? Tell me about it.

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  1. greenellephant says:

    I feel like I been to this wedding :) hehe
    I’m so glad everyone made it to Hawaii~~~~~ It wouldn’t have been the same w/o you!!

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