Allergic to Marriage?

My fiance came back from Taiwan recently, with our wedding bands in tow. I tried on the one for me, and did some “stress tests” to see if the ring was a good fit (basically shaking my hand to see if my ring would fall off).

A couple of days later, we went to Mel’s wedding, and I noticed that my left ring finger was all swollen. The rest of the night saw me continuously going up to my fiance and asking/whining, “See! I’m allergic to wedding rings! I’m too handsome to be tied down.”

Not really my finger. My hand is much more effeminate.

Not really my finger. My hand is much more effeminate.

Luckily for me, my fiance is pretty used to my awesome funnyness, so she humored me. I also wondered if I was maybe allergic to platinum, which, based on comments in my last post, is known to happen. My fiance quickly shot that down, since, as she pointed out, I hold her left hand a lot, her engagement ring is platinum and my right hand is fine.

The next day, the mystery was solved. It turned out I had a bug bite on that finger.

Clearly, the mosquito was jealous.

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2 Responses to Allergic to Marriage?

  1. Joleen says:

    this post def. made me laugh this morning=)

  2. Joey Hernandez says:

    This is too funny! I had a similar experience. I was on a plane from NYC to London and my finger was swollen and turning colors — turns out that sometimes your hands swell when on a plane. who knew????

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