Personalized Koozie Favors

One type of favor I noticed a few people having at weddings this summer is Koozies. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘koozie’ it is the foam sleeve that typically goes around a can or bottle. I think they’re a great idea for favors because in my opinion one can never have too many koozies, they’re something that could be used again in the future, and you can personalize them anyway you’d like!  At my friends’ wedding back in May, they had them in baskets on top of the different bar stations, so attendees could pick one up when getting a beer or water bottle from the bar. The groom designed them to include the state symbol where they lived as well as the college logo of where they both went to school. The colors also coordinated with the rest of the wedding.

Basket of Koozies

Basket of Koozies

Another one of my friends is considering having koozies at her wedding next Fall. She asked me the other day what my opinion was on which type to choose from. Below are the three types she’s considering.

I like the collapsible ones best, but the foam ones are normally a little bit cheaper.  Which type do you think would work best?



#1: This is the cheaper foam one



#2: This is the collapsible kind (it’s easy to fit in a pocket or purse)


#3: This one fits over beer and water bottles best

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7 Responses to Personalized Koozie Favors

  1. Natalie says:

    I’ve been looking for a cute cost-effective favor that isn’t traditional for my upcoming nuptials. This is a great idea! Well done!

  2. Liz says:

    First time visitor/commenter..

    I would opt for collapsible koozies. While they may be a bit more expensive, they are easier to transport, store and use (unless you have hands the size of Shaq’s). Also, the foam koozies look a little dated to me.

    Regardless of the favor, I love the idea of having some sort of “logo” involved other than something standard such as the couple’s initials. In this case, having the alma mater of both bride and groom works out really well.

    Love the blog!

  3. Enid says:

    i like option #2 for your friend.
    since it’s collapsible i can put it in my pocket, and use it at work! :p

  4. Great Idea. I like the collapsible koozies, that way it is easy for the guest to put the koozies in their pocket or purse and keep it as a memento.

  5. Koozies are wonderful products always

    A koozie is a very popular gift item among both corporate and the general public as it canused for keeping the temperature of every kind of beverage intact irrespective of the factthat the beverage is stored inside a can or a bottle.

  6. Those Personalized Favors are beatiful. I think they would make great bridal shower gifts.

  7. Hello, I am the owner of Kustom Koozies. Thanks for using our designs. Just so you know, the collapsible ones outsell the foam (stand up) ones by a 3-1 ratio. So your people are spot on. For knowledge sake, there are fabric collapsible and neoprene collapsible. The neoprene collapsible koozies fit cans and bottles as they are higher quality and stretch. The fabric koozies fits cans well and are loose on bottles. and . . . the neoprene ones print better as they are a smoother surface. (only 10 cents more each)

    Personally, my unbiased opinion is that koozies are the perfect wedding favor!!

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