Something old, new, borrowed and blue

It’s been a timeless tradition.

Something Old:

This is a symbol for the bride’s family and her past before the marriage.  Jewelry is a common “something old”, but some other ideas are handkerchiefs, passed down wedding gowns, wedding veils or other parts from past generation’s wedding outfit.  As a bride, I am going to be wearing the diamond earrings that my dad gave my mom as a wedding gift more than 30 years ago.

Something New:

This is a symbol for the bride’s new life she will soon start. My “something new” is also a gift from my parents, which are the other pieces of jewelry that I’ll be wearing at the wedding– necklace and bracelet. Some other ideas are wedding gown, shoes, or lingerie.

Something Borrowed:

This is something that will remind the bride that her friends and family are there for her should she ever need their love and support. I borrowed a wedding veil from my good friend, Patty who is a recent newly wed.  She is blissfully married to her husband, so maybe some of her joy would be passed on.

Something Blue:

Blue symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty in some cultures. However, it doesn’t quite go with the color scheme of the modern bride’s white outfit. So the most common “something blue” is often the garter since it is well hidden under the dress.  Since we are not doing a garter toss, I bought a pair of lace panties from Victoria’s Secret.

What is your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?

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