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Trying to figure out what to give your bridesmaids? There’s no correct way and specific gift but just like any gift, hopefully you can find something that they’ll like. Being part of the wedding party requires alot of money on their part so if you can do something to relieve that financial burden, I’m sure it would be appreciated. You can give a pair of earrings, necklace, or bracelet that they can wear to the wedding but tasteful enough that they would choose to wear after the wedding is over. Some brides will consider paying for hair & makeup or the bridesmaid’s dress as the gift. For myself, I had only two bridesmaids so I felt I could spend a little more than expected. Because one bridesmaid was still in college, I paid for her dress to relieve financial burden. The other bridesmaid was my lawyer-sister who I thought would appreciate an iPod Shuffle especially since she didn’t have one yet. If you’re looking to spend a little more, Apple products are a nice gift especially since they get outdated every few years. You can get one for $59 for 2 GB or $79 for 4 GB, plus they offer free engraving!

Gifts don't have to be traditional! Photo Source:

Other gifts that I have seen include purses to match the dress, and bridesmaids mementos from Things Remembered. The gifts can be any amount, both inexpensive or expensive, as long as they express your thanks for helping and being part of the wedding party.

What did you give your bridesmaids? Did they like it?

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    Excellent article as always, thank you for posting such helpful stuff on a regular basis.

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