Considering a Wedding Coordinator?

How do you know if you need a DOC (day-of-coordinator)? Even if you planned your own wedding, you may want to consider delegating the worry and stress of the actual wedding day to a friend or professional so that you can enjoy your wedding, instead of being overwhelmed with details. Not everyone needs a coordinator but if you have over 80 guests, I would suggest finding a DOC to help coordinate the wedding activities.  On your wedding day, you don’t want to worry about logistics and making sure vendors are showing up, etc. You want to be relaxed and enjoying your special day. Something always goes wrong no matter how well you planned your wedding. I’ve been helping friends coordinate their wedding and a few emergencies I’ve personally run into:

  1. Electricity failed and no one could find the breaker box
  2. Cake vendor did not show up
  3. Music started an hour late because the DJ thought the hotel was providing the speakers
Do You Need a Wedding Coordinator?

Do You Need a Wedding Coordinator?

Some ceremony and reception places will offer a “coordinator” but you should get details on what this service includes. Many “site coordinators” are there to answer questions about the facility, like if you need more chairs or if the thermostat needs to be changed. Hotel reception halls usually have an adequate coordinator because they provide the catering, which is a big chunk of the reception activities.  If you are wondering if your coordinator will be adequate enough, ask yourself these questions:

  • Did the coordinator ask for a list of the vendors and their contact information?
  • Did the coordinator ask for a schedule/program of events?
  • Did the coordinator ask to meet before the wedding day to go over plans?

If the answer is “yes” to all three questions, the coordinator passes the sniff-test. If the answer is “no” to any of them, you may want to figure out what the coordinator’s role is on your wedding day.

Later on, we’ll go into what the difference is between a “wedding planner” and a DOC.

Did you regret not having a DOC for your wedding day? If you had one, would you suggest it to others?

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2 Responses to Considering a Wedding Coordinator?

  1. joleen says:

    I think if you are considering a coordinator you probably already know that you need one! It takes a lot of stress out of an already stressful day. It’s also nice not to have to rely on family members for a lot of the coordinating tasks that would default to them and let them enjoy day!!! Christine was my fabulous coordinator and also brought to my attention a lot of things that were never on my radar. I think having a DOC still allows you to do all your own planning and have an advisor if you want one.

    I was informed today that emergency number 1 was at my wedding=) I’m sure glad Christine was there!!!!

  2. Liz says:

    …And I was emergency #3!! Having been a bride, a family member, DOC, and a wedding planner for over a dozen weddings…I agree with Christine! Even if you are not pondering the question, you will need one. I was a DOC of the most organized (super anal…in a good way :D) wedding last year. The reception vendor (which was a federally secured building) had scheduled the 2pm reception reservation for 7pm instead of 7am!! So when I showed up that morning to start delegating decoration responsibilities we were LOCKED OUT!!! It was a disaster…if there were no point of contact the wedding reception wouldn’t have happened. (sigh)

    I would go as far as suggesting two DOC, one for the ceremony and reception….or at least an assistant. Because as super as we (Christine and I) are (I’m so KIDDING) one cannot be at two places at once.

    Re: Joleen’s comment about not using a family member, it all depends on you and your trust/”comfortability” threshold and your relationship with your DOC. Some folks would rather trust a close friend/family member rather than a more removed 3rd party. Just NOTE: it can get tense and the DOC is there to get things done…be stern if necessary. I WOULD NOT recommend MOB/MOG (mother of the bride/groom), bridal party member (hate to state the obvious but…), or immediate family member. These folks already have duties or need to be available to the bride or groom and other family members and out of town guests.

    MOB/MOG: I heed a warning to all brides and grooms…I know you may have grown up with super mom but honestly, I’ve been apart too many weddings where they get so stressed out because they “wanted to be apart of the wedding experience.” Then in retrospect, they regret not being “present” during the actual wedding because they were too bogged down with the behind the scenes…

    Ok…those are my thoughts….whoa sorry for the super long entry!

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