How many bridesmaids?


Reader Question:
How do I figure out how many people should stand with me? I could go with 2 bridesmaids, but I could also go with 10.

Bridesmaids help the bride but mine laughed at me. :O)

My sister (MOH) tries to tame my veil for the pictures at FDR Memorial. Source: Jay Wilson Photography

I don’t know where this etiquette came from, but the bridesmaids ratio is suggested to be 1 bridesmaid for every 50 guests you have. I’m not a stickler for etiquette but it gives you a guideline. Because if you have a wedding of 50 guests, you don’t want to go with 10 bridesmaids. You might as well invite everyone there up with you!

My wedding was 230 guests, but I had only 2 bridesmaids because I kept to close family members: my sister and my cousin. I couldn’t decide among friends and I was too afraid to offend people because if I asked one person, then I felt obligated to ask 3-4 other people who were in the same group of friends. So I made it less complicated and in the end, it worked out because with our short timeline to plan the wedding, it was less to coordinate.

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  1. Joleen says:

    I don’t know if it’s because my husband is a little frat-tastic but he needed “his boys” in the wedding and this ultimately was the deciding factor for the size of the bridal party. Since I was the decision maker for a lot of the other parts of wedding planning I tried not to put up a fuss about this=) BUT in the end I do wish we had a smaller bridal party but I’m happy the way everything turned out.

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