Putting It All Together (your wedding day schedule)

Source: chriskeeneyphoto.com

Source: chriskeeneyphoto.com

 After visiting all my vendors and getting all the big decisions made about my big day I started to get a little overwhelmed when it came down to the rest of the details.   Although I waited till late in the game, I highly recommend putting together a wedding day schedule sooner then later in you’re planning.  Having this as a reference can help guide your next steps and prioritize your time.

Below are some tips on how to start putting together your wedding day schedule:

Put your Day of Time line together starting with Ceremony Time and Reception Time (you can start by just putting together a running list on a piece of a paper but over time should move to excel or a table in Microsoft word)

Source: weddingbeepro.com

Source: weddingbeepro.com

Also a “nice to have” would be columns for bridesmaids, groomsmen, vendors.  This will let you start keeping tracking of who has to be where and when

From there figure out when your bridal party needs to arrive and what time pre ceremony photos can be done (bridesmaids and groomsmen separately)

Groomsmen from my wedding!

Groomsmen from my wedding!

Try to start from the moment you wake up with your schedule, this will enable you to estimate times to make your hair and makeup appointments for you along with your bridesmaids

Determine the Reception schedule events and start to lay them out.  Other events include:

  • Time for pictures between the ceremony and the reception
  • Bridal party introduction
  • First dances/father-daughter dance, mother-son dance and any other special events
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bouquet/Garter Toss
  • Bride & Groom Exit
Source: images.apple.com

Source: images.apple.com

In addition to be able to answer all the questions for the vendors my schedule allowed me to keep the bridal party in the loop.   When the finalized schedule is ready to go (should be a few days before the wedding) email all the vendors and bridal party the schedule.   My bridesmaids made fun of me but in the afternoon when they were complaining about not eating I let them know they obviously missed the “eat something” line in the schedule or else they would have known better!

Remember your schedule can be as detailed as you want it to be – but plan on the day of to be running behind!

Does anyone have any tips for putting together a wedding day schedule?

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