The Final Note


Although the wedding is over, there was still one last thing we had for our guests… thank you notes.  A personal thank you note is the only appropriate way to say “Thank You.”  The common etiquette is to send a handwritten thank you.  It is more personal and sincere than a pre-printed one, which tells the guest how much you appreciated the gift and how it will be cherished for years to come.  Also don’t forget about those who arranged showers and parties for you.  It is acceptable to thank them for the shower and their gift in the same card.  It is also recommended to send out thank you notes as you receive gifts before the wedding.  It gives you less to think about after the wedding.  It doesn’t let too much time pass between the gift and the thank you.

We decided to give our cards, which matched the rest our paper elements (invitations, programs, seating cards, etc), an extra touch by calligraphying the message and the addresses.   As for the return address, we wanted something fun.  I found a really cute site called sweet papery that makes self inking and traitional stamps with a great collection of designs.

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