trash that dress?

Last week I was watching a feature on NBC’s TODAY for a great and creative idea on what to do with your dress after the big party.  There has been a recent trend to “trash your dress.” Brides wear their big white dresses to the photo shoots at non-typical wedding locations, i.e. junkyards, car washes, railroad track, and even swamps and underwater.  The gowns are usually ruined at the end of the day, but they go out in a mess of glory.  Here are some photos from


John Michael Cooper

These are really cool.  And I was thinking “I want a picture like this.”  Seriously, I’ve been considering doing this since I simply don’t know what to do with my dress.  I doubt my daughter (if I have one) would ever want to wear my wedding dress for her wedding.  I sure didn’t want to wear my mother’s; thank goodness she no longer has it.  Bridal fashion has changed a bit since the 70’s and I’m sure it will continue to change in the next few decades.  Secondly, I don’t really want to pay a few hundred dollars to preserve a dress I’m never going to wear again.

Kimberly Brooke

Kimberly Brooke

Some of the photo shoots have the groom involved too.  So on our wedding day, we weren’t able to take many couple and individual photos due to the weather.  I am bit disappointed with that.  Although, we did end up with quite a collection from the ceremony and party (which are fabulous!). Nonetheless, I was hoping for some more (creative) portraits of me in my white dress.  Here is an opportunity.

Sara Wall

Sara Wall

I’m a big fan of art.  So, to be able to help create art such as this would be a great pleasure and a ton a fun.

So now, the question is…should I “trash my dress”?  Would you? Do you know someone who has?

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4 Responses to trash that dress?

  1. Harry says:

    Cool idea! I’m gonna tell my sister to do that.

  2. Scott says:

    Speaking of trash the dress, Christine and I came across this company that creates these incredible videos and photos, and some of the videos they feature are of trash the dress. Of course, its not for everyone, the prices are a bit up there, and the company is located in Canada – regardless, their videos are fun to watch – including their trash the dress ones, here are links to a few examples:

  3. joleen says:

    I’m considering it! My mother in law sent this site to me a while back and asked. I didn’t’ spend a ton of money on my dress so I’m willing to part with it for some great photos!!!

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