Your Jim and Pam Moment

After watching The Office’s favorite couple Jim and Pam get married on TV recently, it got me thinking about the “perfect” wedding and what that really means.  (If you missed The Office wedding, check it out at  Although the episode is awkward and absolutely hilarious at times, I think their wedding sends out a great message. Right before they’re about to walk down the aisle, Pam calls Jim on his cell phone and asks him to come and meet her. Pam starts breaking down and crying about how everything is going wrong with the wedding, how it isn’t her perfect day, and most importantly that she tore her wedding veil. Trying to comfort her, Jim impulsively grabs a pair of scissors and cuts off half of his tie. At that moment, they both realize what is truly important about their wedding and the fact that they are marrying each other makes it the “perfect” day.



This past summer I was hanging out with one of my soon to be married friends the weekend before her wedding, and she was acting so calm and collected. How was she not worrying about her seating arrangements and all those last minute changes? And shouldn’t she have programs to put together? I was surprised how relaxed she was, and had to ask her how she was holding it together so well. She said to me that everything that could get done was done, and the rest would all come together. I was in awe her by relaxed attitude and now realize that she had had her Jim and Pam moment.



The more I talk to my recently married friends about their weddings the more I hear about how much fun the brides had with the groom and their friends and family, and the less I hear about the smaller details. Although all the small details help set the scene for your “perfect” day, maintaining perspective on what matters most to you is really important. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with trying to create and plan the wedding of your dreams, but keep focused on the big picture and everything else will fall into place.


If you find The Office as funny as I do, check out Jim and Pam’s wedding site at!

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  1. Been there says:

    Just realize that as with most parties, something will inevitably go wrong and hopefully it won’t be a big deal. Then, relax and enjoy the day you so carefully planned.

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