The Other Wedding Gown

If you are Chinese or marrying into a Chinese family, this question must have come across some time during the planning process… Are you going to wear a qipao? It’s always a nice gesture to the grandparents and parents to incorporate a bit of your or your fiance’s culture into the wedding. Although the qipao is not the traditional Chinese bridal gown, it is a good modern-day alternative.

So where can you get one? Here are a few places to look:

1. Chinese wedding photo studios such as True Love Wedding (based in New York): these places provide packages that can include all or an a la carte of these services: photographer, videographer, limosine, hair/makeup, and dress rentals. The bride goes in a couple of weeks before the wedding day and pick out the dress.

2. Your mother’s closet…Or your future mother-in-law’s or even your aunties. I’m pretty sure they wore one of these form fitting beauties on their wedding day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to wear the same dress your mother wore 30 or so years ago?

3. Custom tailor shop. I have to admit, those are a bit scarce in the US. You can do some scouting at the Chinatown in your metropolitan area or pay a visit to Asia.  Lai’s Royal Tailoring (based in New York) has been making qipao’s for over thirty years.


Husband and Wife

Luckily for me, my parents were taking a vacation to Asia several months before my wedding.  They took my dimensions and got two dresses custom made for me in China.

Did you or are you going to wear a qipao on your wedding day? Where did you get your qipao?

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  1. That wedding gown is unique. I like it. Also, the color is cool. Thumbs up for sharing.

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