It’s a Taiwan photo shoot: Part I

from Masa Li Li

My hubby and I were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to take many photos together on our wedding day due to the rain. So there was a suggestion for us to take some “hun sha” photos in Taiwan since we were there for a few months. So when we arrived, GT’s relatives sent us a few studios’ websites. Masa Lili, which was one of them, was supposedly one of the best. Unfortunately, everything is in chinese but the photos are beautiful.

from Masa Li Li

Last week, I went with GT and his cousins to Masa Li Li. The service is absolutely like nothing I’ve ever seen in the States. The studio provides all the outfits for the bride (wedding gowns and evening gowns), hair, makeup, accessories, and props, as well as outfits for the groom (if needed). The package also includes albums, framed prints, as well as little printed cards for the bride and groom to pass out to family and friends. These cards can vary in size and shape as the couple chooses.

from Masa Li Li

I realize what the unique thing is about taking these photos in Taiwan is the backdrop. Within one day, we will be able to access the sea shore, the forest, the botanical gardens, and an old estate (now a historical landmark for tourists). That is basically our agenda tomorrow.

from Masa Li Li

After we agreed on the terms a few days later, we returned to the studio to pick out my outfits and discuss with the photographer what we wanted. They have an amazing collection of dresses, which range from traditional qi paos to edgy evening wear. I had a great time trying out all the different dresses. The assistant also helps you pick and choose the right dresses for the environments/backdrops the couple had discussed with the photographer. All the components that make for a special picture is well thought out.  For a similar service and product, we are only paying a fraction of the price in the States.

from Masa Li Li

So tomorrow is going to be the shoot. I will follow up with another post about the day. To be continued…

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5 Responses to It’s a Taiwan photo shoot: Part I

  1. Christine says:

    The photos look like they are with professional models. Can’t believe that they are normal people getting married. Looks like lots of fun! Can’t wait to see yours!

  2. David says:

    It wasn’t until your very last paragraph that I realized these photos of you and GT. I was thinking, “these don’t look like ‘em at all!” ;)

  3. auschick says:

    the yellow one reminds me of one of the dresses I wore for our chinese wedding photos!

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  5. Susannah says:

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