Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Have you thought about how you’re going to pop the question? Some brides will ask over lunch or dinner, while others will ask through a card. Your bridesmaids will be supporting you through the whole wedding planning process and will be spending lots of time and money to make your wedding happen. So what if you want to do something special? After finding that greeting cards were impersonal, a friend had a cute idea of personalizing her requests through DIY cards and boutique cupcakes from Cupcakes Actually. Everybody loves cupcakes!

Here's a cute way to ask your bridesmaids through personal notes and cupcakes

With the help of experts at Paper Source, these are the materials she started with.

She glued white paper to the cardstock, added sticker, and tied a bow. Picture is blurred to protect identities. :O)

The envelopes had a print inside that matched the outside label.

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2 Responses to Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

  1. angela chen says:

    i know it’s not your main audience, but how about a post about bridesmaid / MOH duties and suggestions. This way you’ll have resources for bridesmaids who can come on the site, gather advice, and find other interesting things to send blog links to their bride-bosses. :)

  2. Christine says:

    That’s a very good suggestion. Thanks, Angela! The only question that we got from the audience was in regards to throwing a bridal shower: http://www.bigfatcake.com/blog/2009/10/reader-question-tips-for-throwing-a-bridal-shower/. It’s about time to put something up for bridesmaids.

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