Celebrate Your Culture


Celebrate Your Culture

by Amanda

When planning a wedding, some of our clients come to us with specific cultural tea ceremony requests from Chinese Tea Ceremony to Paebaek Ceremony (Korean ceremony) to many others.

Above is a collage of several Paebaek ceremonies that we helped produce. We love seeing the Paebaek ceremony unveil…. it’s full of color and eventful. From paying respect to the honorees and catching dates and chestnuts (symbolizing girls and boys that the couple will have).

A little background on the Paebaek Ceremony:
Paebaek ceremony is a traditional Korean ceremony usually performed at weddings. It takes place after the wedding ceremony and its an intimate event limited to family members. However, modern couples now do this in front of guests as well. For those who have not seen this tea ceremony before, its truly an eye opening experience.

About Our Guest Blogger

Amanda, co-owner of Fresh Events Company, is a talented wedding planner from the Los Angeles area. She delights in wow-ing her clients with her design talents and creating memorable weddings.

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