It’s a Taiwan photo shoot : Part III

This is a continuation from one of my previous posts: Part I & Part II.

We got the digital photos! Just a couple of days ago, GT and I had our third wedding reception. It was held here in Taichung, Taiwan. Although it was just a small intimate lunch reception with just relatives, we still observed a few traditions. I changed into 4 different outfits, 3 of which were lent by Masa LiLi (included in our photo package).  They also included the dress for the flower girl and a little boy, who walked in with us during our grand entrance.

Scene 1

After our first entrance, GT’s eldest uncle made a speech. After the speech, changed into a different outfit, we made our grand entrance for the second time. This time, we danced in along to ‘Poker Face’ with four of GT’s cousins. It was so much fun! We then played a game which consisted of red envelopes, followed with more speeches from uncles and then grandma. We then went around to room to each table to thank the guests.

Scene 2

Scene 2

Before I knew it, I was in outfit number 3 (qi pao) standing behind two Chinese lion dancers making our grand entrance for the third time to Chinese New Year’s music. It is lucky to give the lions red envelopes. So of course, GT and I each gave one of the lions a red envelope. Afterward, GT’s dad gave a speech.

Scene 3

Finally, I was in my last outfit for the feast. The MC made an announcement that the reception is coming to an end. She directed people towards the back of the room. The room had a stage at the back which was beautifully decorated with floral, greens, and branches. (I’ll have to post photos when we get them from the photographer.) One after another, the guests took turns taking photos with GT and I, who stood there like wax museum figures.

Scene 4

After two and half hours, all the guests were gone. I was amazed even though the MC had advised beforehand, it would take no more than 2 1/2 hours for everything we had planned. It went by like a light breeze.

Scene 5

Scene 5

And now, we are finally able to go on our honeymoon! We are off to Bali!!

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2 Responses to It’s a Taiwan photo shoot : Part III

  1. Christine says:

    Your pix look like it was so much fun! Movie star quality. :O)

  2. Talida says:

    What a photogenic couple ;) Have an amazing time in Bali!!

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