DIY Wedding Favor Boxes


DIY Wedding Favor Boxes

by Amanda

Source: Finch and Hawk

Source: Finch and Hawk

The Finch&Hawk Paper Goods Store on sells templates for boxes, bags, and even seed packets for your wedding or party favors. There are three different shape designs to choose from: cube box, dome box, and gable bags. The designs also allows to you to choose from an assortment of colors. Some designs will even let you customize your box to include your names and the date of your wedding. Your purchase (priced at $5-$6) of Finch&Hawk Paper Goods products includes instructions and a high quality PDF of your template. All that is required for you is to have a color printer, Adobe Acrobat 6 program (or higher), cardstock and you are ready to assemble! Check out Finch&Hawk Paper Goods selections.

About Our Guest Blogger

Amanda, co-owner of Fresh Events Company, is a talented wedding planner from the Los Angeles area. She delights in wow-ing her clients with her design talents and creating memorable weddings.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring finch&hawk™! xoxo

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