My “Don’t EVER Play” List

When talking to your DJ or band, I believe it’s important to have a Do-Not-Play List. In my case, it was a Do-Not-EVER-Play list because there are some songs that I really detest. If I heard it at my wedding, I would have had a bridezilla moment. I’m glad that I made the list because my DJ told me later that some of my guests requested songs off that list. I share my list with every bride but of course, everyone’s music tastes are so different. One of my great friends scolded me for banning “Baby Got Back.” She loved that song so much that it was her opening song for the dance portion of her reception. My cousin HATES U2, but they are one of the few bands that I’ve enjoyed following my entire life. When she heard her DJ play U2 at her reception, she almost lost it. So lesson is, only you can create your own Do-Not-EVER-Play list but it’s okay to steal from someone else. Here was my list:

  • Chicken Dance
  • Milkshake
  • Electric Slide
  • The Cha-Cha Song
  • Baby Got Back
  • YMCA
  • No Rave music (the husband was disappointed about this one)
  • No Country music

What songs did you have on your Do-Not-EVER-Play list?

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2 Responses to My “Don’t EVER Play” List

  1. Sammi D says:

    Not sure if this is just a Washington thing, but no COTTON EYED JOE! Which I suppose fits your no country rule, but that thing is awful!!!

  2. Christine says:

    @Sammi D, thanks for your input! I don’t even know COTTON EYED JOE but I think I would agree with you. I’d like to think that I’m open-minded and love all types of music, but in reality, I don’t. I’ll tolerate it for someone else’s wedding though. :P

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