A Deep South Wedding

Congratulations to Christina and Chris!

This is our first time in Northern Alabama. We were there for a wedding of GT’s high school classmate, Christina. She and her now husband, Chris, both live and work in New York City. However, they decided to have their wedding in Florence, Alabama at Christina’s grandparents’ lake house in memory of her grandfather. Since it was a bit of a travel for most of the guests, they chose a holiday weekend. And it was an eventful weekend, with rehearsal dinner on Friday night, a boat outing on Saturday followed by a cocktail party, pre-wedding breakfast and (finally!) the wedding on Sunday.

Welcome Bag

Welcome Bag

On Saturday. we were welcomed with a gift bag when we first checked into our hotel room at the Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa. The bag was filled with snacks, maps, and a schedule. It was so helpful.

Lakeside Wedding

The morning of the wedding was raining cats and dogs. We really didn’t know what to expect knowing that the wedding was going to be outside. But once we got outside to wait for the shuttle about an hour before the wedding, the sun was out and the roads were drying up. Yay! Let’s have a wedding. The shuttle took us through some windy roads, ending at a little wooden cabin by the lake. It was surrounded by some table-clothed tables, pitched tents, and draping lights and lanterns. With the sun peaking through the trees, it was such a perfect setting for a May wedding.

Christina and Chris's Wedding

Christina and Chris's Wedding

GT and I have been to over a dozen weddings in the past few years but this was the first of many things. It was our first time witnessing a Greek Orthodox ceremony with a bit of Roman Catholic twist. It was so sweet. It was the first wedding we went to with a live band, Simply Irresistible, which really got the party started. People were dancing non-stop the whole night. It was the first wedding with a fireworks show! So much fun!

The wedding food really reflected the couple, Southern belle bride and a Greek groom. For cocktails, the wait staff pasted around spanakopita and watermelon with feta. And during the reception, there was a generous Southern spread consisting of pulled pork, shrimp and grits, and bbq coleslaw just to start. And for our sweet endings, there was wedding cake, of course, and baklava. It was all so delicious!

And here’s a happy photo of the Montgomery Academy classmates!

The bride with GT

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  2. Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that!

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