Bella’s Wedding Dress from Twilight


Some of us are Twilight fans, and some aren’t. But regardless, you’ll be interested in Bella’s wedding dress. I haven’t seen the movie yet (released today) but I plan to, JUST to see the wedding of Edward and Bella. InStyle magazine shares sketches of the dress. There are several to look at….I wonder which one they went with. They all look very vintage with a modern day twist….all very beautiful. Thanks to the Vegas Wedding Planner for the tip-off. Originally, I wasn’t going to see the movie because I was pretty disappointed in the 2nd movie of the Twilight Saga. But if this one has a wedding in it, it’s a must see! You KNOW it’s going to be romantic. That Edward!

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  1. Christine says:

    So….all that hype, and the wedding dress did not debut! I haven’t seen the movie but I asked friends to watch out for it. I guess it’ll show up in the next one. What a teaser! Actually, I’m kind of annoyed that it didn’t debut. haha.

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