No iPad for Summer Outdoor Wedding!

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iPad is super cool! I’m waiting for the next generation because I’m suspecting that it will have a front-facing camera. Yes, I’m one of those that get oober jealous when I see someone with their iPad. Other people think it’s cool, too because they’ve been using it for weddings. From officiants, the wedding couple, and wedding planners, there are multiple uses for an iPad in a wedding. HOWEVER, there have been several accounts of wedding participants/vendors of outdoor weddings that have experienced disaster because the iPad can overheat in the extreme hot weather and sun. I’m a strong believer in technology, but be aware of the consequences. The more technology and media you incorporate into the wedding, the more risk you involve due to power failures, slow Internet connection, etc etc.

If you incorporate gadgets into your wedding, make sure you charge your batteries ahead of time, have extra set of batteries, have a paper copy of phone numbers, schedule, etc etc. Just be sure that you have a plan for when your gadget fails.

Have you witnessed a failure of technology at a wedding?

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