Celebration of Cultures

It’s fun to see how couples incorporate their family cultures into their wedding. Honoring your heritage will also make parents and grandparents happy. Jocelyn and David incorporated many cultural items in their wedding but for this post, I wanted to focus on their attire.

They began their reception in trendy American wedding attire. Photo Source: Baltazar Photography

They celebrated Jocelyn's Chinese heritage by wearing trendy traditional Chinese attire. Photo Source: Baltazar Photography

They changed into trendy traditional Korean clothing. Photo Source: Baltazar Photography

Then Jocelyn wore another Chinese dress with the traditional wedding red color which represents good luck, while David wore his suit. Photo Source: Baltazar Photography

When the dancing started, David flaunted his belt buckle and sneakers ........ (Photo Source: Baltazar Photography)

..... while Jocelyn rocked out in her party clothes and notice the shoes! (Photo Source: Baltazar Photography)

The couple was busy with the many wardrobe changes during the reception but it was worth it to celebrate and honor all three (American, Chinese, and Korean) traditions. Congratulations Jocelyn and David! Now newlyweds in NYC. :O)

More pictures of their wedding and reception to come!

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