V is for Venue

Poor Kris and I went all over the DC-metro area on the hunt for venues. We looked at all-inclusive places, we looked at empty shells that you rent and then bring in everything on your own, we looked at restaurants, we looked at historical mansions, and we briefly considered the Courthouse with a reception at McDonald’s on our most frustrated day. As we searched, we began to realize what we wanted, what mattered, and unfortunately, what we could afford.

No venue was perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I guess I was hoping that I’d have this moment where I would walk into a venue and my eyes would fill with tears and I would say to myself, “This is where I will wed,” but no. Instead, there were three final spots that made our list and I kept saying to myself, “Eh, we could get married here.” Two of the three venues were places known for their good food, but budget was a bit tight for one, and the ceremony space wasn’t ideal for the other. The final venue, Crowne Plaza in Rockville, MD had a surprisingly lovely indoor ceremony space, fit our budget, but we had no idea about the food since we’d never been to a wedding there. We went to dinner in the hotel restaurant to check out the cuisine, and the food was good enough to make us feel confident in our decision. We signed, and so far, so good. Clearly, after we get married there, I’ll have more to say, but at this stage, I’m quite happy.

Crowne Plaza

A recent bride did the ceremony space up like this.

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