DIY Origami Wedding

Escort Card Table

Close to 200 cards were hand done!

I went to a lovely multicultural wedding that was chock full of ideas to steal. The bride was an unusually talented woman of Chinese descent with a knack for DIY and a flower arranging class under her belt, and the groom was a patient man of Japanese descent who was good at following directions. In this case, the bride and groom had a theme of the color red and paper cranes follow throughout their ceremony and reception. This worked well with their cultural backgrounds, but even if this isn’t your culture, you can see how cute the results are. And, there really is nothing to stop you from incorporating some neat origami into your wedding.

Paper Crane Centerpiece

Using florist wire, paper cranes were added to the centerpiece, looking almost as though they were flying. Additional cranes in different sizes were scattered on the tables in lieu of confetti.

For the DIY inclined, I’ll give you a few tips from this savvy bride so you can perhaps copy some of her grand ideas. 1) Take a flower arranging class. Just one will help a ton! 2) Plan in advance where you will order your flowers in bulk. Markets and also wholesale clubs can be good for this. 3) Do practice runs of your centerpieces; maybe do your bridal shower arrangements or the like. 4) Don’t do your own calligraphy, but rather, print everything on the computer and trace with metallic pens…no one will ever know! 5) For the overly enthusiastic and perhaps DIY disinclined, calculate costs. When you factor in your practicing, mistakes, and time, it may be cheaper to hire someone. 6) Have a plan B!

Escort Card

Tiny paper cranes were stapled on the corner of each cardstock escort card. The cards were first printed on the computer and then traced with metallic pen.

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2 Responses to DIY Origami Wedding

  1. Kay says:

    Find someone who benglos to Costco. You can get your cake and small foods prepared there. Also you can get roses or other flowers there for the wedding and reception. I wish that I had gotten mine there and did it myself, it would have saved money. As for music, do you have an IPod? You can make your own music and hook that up to a stereo. I have read in a bride magazine about a couple that had a very fancy wedding and did that. If you are going to have it in a reception hall and don’t already have one start calling around. Start by asking them since you are having the wedding so soon if you can get discounts. I found that most of these places are desperate to get someone if they don’t already have someone so they are willing to throw in all kinds of extras, fee cakes, percents off, free invitations I was so shocked at all the deals I was being offered once I started to ask. I had about 4 places competing to get me to have my wedding. I would tell them what the other place offered and they would try to offer me something even better. It was hilarious. All my friends and family could not believe it.

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