Wedding Experts Don’t Agree With CNN

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Amongst the wedding professional community, many have spoken out about CNN’s article about brides ditching the white dress, calling the traditional color a “faux-pas.” The writer suggests that it’s a trend to wear colors such as blush, ice blue, gray, latte, and red. Other wedding experts say that these colors have been around forever but the number of brides who choose to wear any of these colors is statistically insignificant.

I personally hated this article because it made a bride feel bad or out of fashion because she chose a white wedding dress. A bride should be able to wear whatever colors she likes, whether it’s white or wacky green. There’s significance behind the traditional white color (blemish-free, virgin, whatever you call it), but if a bride doesn’t appreciate the tradition, she shouldn’t feel that she MUST where white against her own will. Some brides have pictured a white dress their whole life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you feel you were/are bullied into wearing white on your wedding day? Any bride, groom, or guest impose their opinion on you?

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