New Year’s Resolutions on Relationships

Life is not about what how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, etc etc etc., it’s about our relationships. The people that we love show which relationships are most important to us. The relationship with the person that we arein love with, often takes work to make it happen. If that relationship is ignored, it could deteriorate into something that both parties are not happy with.

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The Washington Post asked 8 relationship experts, such as the Millionaire Matchmaker, on what people should work on in 2011. All 8 resolutions are great whether you’re looking for someone or already in a loving relationship. My favorite was from Toni Coleman, dating coach. I’m going to make this one of my resolutions for 2011. I think this resolution implies to all relationships:

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“Resolve to work on your emotional intelligence in order to improve your chances for finding healthy and satisfying love. This involves developing a greater awareness of what you are communicating both verbally and nonverbally to others, as well as learning to accurately read the messages that others are sending to you.”

Have you thought about what you can do in 2011 to better the relationship with the one you love? If so, please share. :)

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