Plastic Surgery – Brides Gone Too Far?

What I watched last night: First, it was Jersey Shore and now it’s BridalPlasty. It’s one of those shows that I’m not sure why I’m watching. And even though my inner core says, “this is not good for you,” I found myself still watching it. sheesh.

Twelve brides compete to get the plastic surgeries that they want before they get married. Why can’t people just be happy with what they have? I would understand if it was reconstructive surgery to fix a chin or nose from a car accident or other unfortunate circumstance. But these brides are going for “improvement.” There was one bride, however…..she had deformed breasts because of a previous surgery when they took lumps out. If anyone needed surgery, it was her. But at the end of this episode that I watched, all the other brides voted her off because she had the best personality of the group, and therefore, she was their biggest competition. Rediculous! I was so angry.

And what made it worse, is that the host of the show says to the booted bride, “You are going to have the wedding of your dreams, but it just won’t be perfect” because the bride won’t get the plastic surgery. That’s awful to say!

I told Scott that I’ll never watch this show again, but that is what I said about Jersey Shore.

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3 Responses to Plastic Surgery – Brides Gone Too Far?

  1. I had a strange thought. I heard in Korea, something like 60% of girls get plastic surgery makeoverbefore age 18 because for girls, being successful is all about snagging the best guy you can get. best meaning most affulent. And being hot is naturally the easiest way to snag men.

  2. Any time you’re placed under general anesthesia, there is danger invovled. Fortunately most plastic surgery procedures are low-risk and there is a very good chance that the surgery will go over without problems Prior to surgery, you must be evaluated by your doctor to see if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery. If you have any medical problems, be sure to inform the surgeon. He or she must know everything that may be prohibitive to the procedure.

  3. If you have all that cash to invest on plastic surgery, how about you acquire something much better for yourself.

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