Remembering Special People

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! During the holidays, family and friends often think about their loved ones whom may have passed away. A wedding event is no different and often, a parent, or grandparent is honored in a special way at the ceremony or reception.

A couple can remember someone by serving their loved one’s favorite dish during the reception, including their favorite flower in the arrangements, wearing special clothing or accessories that belonged to the them, or donating to an organization that addresses the ailment/disease of the beloved, like Caitlin’s friend whose father passed away from cancer.

For Beth, previous Big Fat Cake Bride-Blogger, butterflies had a significant meaning that reminded her family of their mom. Beth incorporated subtle details of butterflies throughout the reception. And during the ceremony, the officiant shared that the butterfly on the top left of the alter represented the love of their mother.

Ceremony site: Herrington on the Bay near Maryland's Chesapeake Bay

What did you do (or plan to do) to honor a special loved one at your wedding?

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  1. Lutus says:

    Wow, this is beautiful! I like the picture. I mean, the scene. Yes, I will remember those who help me to prepare my wedding.

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