Restaurants with Marriage on the Menu

In the span of one weekend, I went to two (yes, two!) weddings that took place in restaurants. The weddings were so interesting and unique in both atmosphere and food, that it was easy to attend one after the other without feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

Wedding #1 was a casual, yet elegant affair at Positano Ristorante Italiano in Bethesda. The ceremony was held in its lovely banquet room with murals of the Italian countryside in the background. A yummy sit-down dinner was served, and then the area where the ceremony was held was cleared out to accommodate a dance floor. It made for a fun, laid-back evening, with great food and friends.

Wedding #2 was an intimate gathering at Far East Restaurant in Rockville. The ceremony was held off site and just the reception was held at the restaurant in its second floor private dining room. The ambiance and staff were excellent, and the food was delicious.

As a guest I had a great time at both restaurant weddings. They both had a certain charm that you don’t get from your standard hotel ballroom. And, as I found out later, the venues didn’t break the bank for the bride and groom, either. When you’re planning your wedding at a restaurant, you’re more likely to be working with the managers and owners of the place instead of a sales associate, which gives you more bargaining power. The room minimums are usually less, the prices are usually less, the ambiance is less generic than a hotel room, so you will spend less on decorations, and you won’t have to rent things like chairs and plates! Don’t overlook restaurants, as one may turn out to be your dream venue. And, you’ll always have a great place where you can go out to dinner on your anniversary!


I've artfully cut all of the people's face in half for this photo. Here is wedding reception #1. Great times were had!

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