The Most Important Investment of Your Life (#4)

(This post is the fourth and final post of the series, “Marriage: The Most Important Investment of Your Life“)

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The Screening Process

Parallels abound between the process for finding an investment worth making and a man/woman worth marrying.  Most investment managers start their selection process by subjecting a large universe of stocks to a rigorous screening process before identifying a smaller set of names worth researching in greater depth. I am sure most of you reading this went through a similar process even if you never thought of it this way.

You have the luxury (or burden depending on your perspective) of turning to sites like or to build our very own custom made husband.  Stunningly attractive? Check.  Verifiable genius?  Check.  Pro Athlete?  Check.  Great sense of humor?  Check.  Then, in minutes, you are bombarded with emails from tens of ideal mates.  Or, maybe you relied on introductions from your personal network.  Perhaps you spent your dating years in one city or have strong views a potential spouse must embrace.  Whatever the case, you narrowed down the millions of potential prospects to a more manageable number.

Due Diligence

Once the lucky guy/gal makes it past your screen, the due diligence begins.  When many of us first meet our spouses, a giddiness and sense of awe overwhelms us whenever we see or even think about him/her.  Then, he leaves the toilet seat up.  Or, she asks you how many points a team gets for kicking the ball through that U-shaped thingy.  You realize even if someone may be perfect for you they still have imperfections.

Performing due diligence on your future husband/wife should be more enjoyable than performing due diligence on investments.  If not, you either need to cut back on reading annual reports or spend more nights out on the town with the love of your life, not on your couch watching Netflix DVDs.  When it comes to personality, chemistry, intelligence, conversation, career goals, we spend months (if not years) determining compatibility.  However, one topic often goes ignored – MONEY.

About the Blogger

Keith has been married for 3 years and is a proud father of one. He is pursuing his MBA degree at Chapel Hill and will graduate in 2011 with a vision to help people reach their financial goals. A native of Washington, D.C., Keith is a CFA charterholder and co-founder of IT’S TIME, an organization dedicated to help youth excel academically, socially and professionally.

Big Fat Cake would like to thank Keith for blogging about the importance of talking about finances with our significant others. If we put that much effort into choosing whom we marry, we should put effort into making it work! Thanks Keith for bringing this topic to our attention.

To our Big Fat Cake audience, after Keith graduates this spring semester, he will be a practitioner so if you need advice, he’s the one you should reach out to! We will give updates on his plans when they become available. Thanks for reading this series. :O)

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