Rednecks Teach Me Something About Weddings

I’ve recently discovered the TV show, My Big Redneck Wedding. I’m mesmerized, and it is just the thing that I need to watch at this very moment, 1 month before the big day. All the other wedding shows completely stress me out at this time. Watching wedding planners and Bridezillas have meltdowns over menu cards and chair covers is not something I need to see when I’m figuring out all my last minute wedding details. Watching a taxidermist put a squirrel on a cake and a bride jump into a mud pit is much more entertaining, and oddly enough, much more romantic.
What has been made clear to me in watching My Big Redneck Wedding, is that these folks are really and truly having the wedding of their dreams. They are having the wedding that they want with the person that they love without giving a darn what other people think about them. I think in the last month, while picking out flowers (do you know how many white flowers there are???), getting my dress fitted, and figuring out what color cake stand will best match my cake, I lost sight a little bit of the fact that the wedding is for poor Kris and me and not a show-and-tell of how well I can follow wedding magazine checklists, how much money we can burn, and how skinny I can look in my gown (yup, diet is over). All that matters is that at the end of the day, we are married and happy. A camouflaged bridal veil won’t make me happy, but it does help me to realize that neither will all the ridiculousness that I’ve planned for the wedding. It is my friends, my family, myself and my future husband. Everything else is just icing on a squirrel-topped cake.

Redneck Cake

A cake fit for a big redneck wedding. source:

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