We went to Town at my Bachelorette Party!

Literally. My friends took me to Town Danceboutique, a premier gay men’s danceclub in Washington, DC for my bachelorette party. We went for the weekend drag show, which is every Friday and Saturday evening, and I had a blast. A BLAST! The performers were unbelievably talented, entertaining, and bendy.  (If I am just half as flexible and sexy on my wedding night, it will be a very good night!)  We sat in the front row. They made fun of me. What more could I have asked for? And, because it was a gay men’s club, we didn’t have to wait in line for the bathroom, and none of my girlfriends had to reject unwanted advances from sketchy men. Win! Win!
To get to Town, we enjoyed a lovely bus ride in a party bus equipped with Stripper Poles. Yes, stripper poles.
All in all, it was a glorious evening with just the right amount of scandal, but not so much that I won’t be getting married :)

Thanks, Ladies!

Town Danceboutique

A lovely Drag Queen! Photo by my sister.

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