Exclusive Tips from Filene’s Basement


Exclusive Tips from Filene’s Basement Running of the Brides

by Pat

About Our Guest Blogger: The Running of the Brides®  sale is coming to Filene’s Basement in Chevy Chase, MD next Friday, April 29th.  We talked to Patricia Boudrot, who works in Filene’s Basement’s corporate office and is a veteran of more ROTB sales than she wishes to count, to find out what question she gets asked most often about this famous event. “Everybody wants to know what time they should arrive,” she said. She shared her answer exclusively with Big Fat Cake:


The doors open at 8am. Brides-to-be and their teams who have been in line the longest will get to the racks first. In fact, it’s possible that the racks will be bare by the time you get into the store. DON’T DESPAIR! The dresses are not all gone. You’ll see brides trading or putting dresses back on the racks almost immediately. Use the first hour to look for brides who are trying on dresses you like. Then, be there to grab or trade for her “rejects.”  

Bride-to-be celebrates finding her dream dress (as the MOB and the BOB look on) at Filene’s Basement’s Running of the Brides® Sale in Washington, D.C. last year. Photo by Brett Clark

INSIDER TIP: If you’re not up to the chaos of store opening, arrive late morning or anytime up to store closing. Dresses will be back on the racks and the atmosphere will be much calmer. Remember, this sale looks a lot more competitive than it really is—most of the hundreds of people you see in the rush to the racks are helpers, not buyers. Each team ends up with just one dress. (Alright, sometimes two, but that’s rare). There are still plenty of dresses to choose from. In fact, last year over 90% of the brides-to-be who came to this sale found their dream dress.For more about arriving later, visit  www.filenesbasement.com/campaign/late.php.

For more tips on how to find your dream dress at the Running of the Brides® email  Pat.boudrot@filenesbasement.com and read their list of FAQs.

The event in DC:

Filene’s Basement’s Running of the Brides®
Friday, April 29, 2011 — 8:00am to 9:00pm

Mazza Gallerie, 5300 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D.C. 20015

Cash, checks and major credit cards accepted. All sales are final.
More information including directions to store.


And as a bonus, the brides gets a temporary tattoo when she purchases her gown.




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