Part 2 (continued) – Mervis Diamond Importers

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Mervis Diamond Importers
1900 Mervis Way
Tysons Corner, VA 22182


Mervis actually provided us with some of the best follow up and service. They didn’t pressure us to buy and they even went the extra distance to order a sample of the Tacori setting we were interested in. Also, I really enjoyed learning about the 4 C’s from their website where Ronnie Mervis educates using videos with minimal advertising.

The only negative experience was that the price they quoted on the setting was much more expensive than we found from anyone else, including the designer’s website. Many designers have a set price and retailers cannot discount the price or they risk being blacklisted and unable to carry that designer’s products. Of course, retailers can give you a bigger discount on the diamond so that you still get a good discount and get around this issue. I believe it’s so that a designer’s line of products maintains a level of prestige.

But getting back to my experience, the sample setting had a price tag on it that Tacori had shipped the setting with which showed the same price that I found online and at other retailers. But the Mervis salesperson quoted a price that was over a $1000 more than that price. When I asked about the discrepancy, she went to “check on it” and returned with the explanation that the price had gone up since we checked last week and that this was the new price but it’s possible they may be able to have the designer honor the price we were quoted previously. It seemed like they tried to price gouge us and although they called to follow up, I didn’t call back. I checked the designer’s website again prior to publishing this blog and the price hasn’t changed, and it’s been a good 2 months since I received that expensive quote from Mervis.

I think their website is a great place to start learning about diamonds and I think it’s possible to deal with them if you do your research beforehand and are able to get a big discount. I really appreciated their level of service but was surprised that the sales person didn’t think we’d already have researched the setting and found the retail price on the Internet. Their buy back policy seems to be 100% buy back for any upgrade purchase where the new purchase is more expensive. They don’t state on their website a minimum cost difference, so be sure to ask about that if you decide to check them out.

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