15% Discount From Simply Bridal’s Wedding Dresses


The list price for this dress is $849.99 but goes for $339.99 on Simply Bridal. Plus, 15% discount for Big Fat Cake! Photo Source: Simply Bridal

Our friends from Simply Bridal would like to extend a 15% discount off their wedding dresses to our Big Fat Cake audience! Be sure to use the code “SAVEBRIDAL15″ at checkout. They JUST started their site and will start taking orders starting July 15, 2011. Their selection is wonderful so take a look!

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5 Responses to 15% Discount From Simply Bridal’s Wedding Dresses

  1. Pearl says:

    ooh! I just had a look!

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  3. anne says:

    i think evening dresses are nice to wear . if you have time you can visit to this website http://www.weddingdressestop.com/

  4. Cindy Golightly says:

    These dresses are really nice and affordable. I’m a wedding planner that helps people find afforable options when planning their wedding. I found a good site with advice on this subject: http://www.eventleadershipinstitute.com/course-details-Event-Management-Companies-Creative-Within-Budget.aspx -

  5. bridal shops says:

    Where can I find your shop? I want to have that bridal wedding dress. I will not going to let this chance. Imagine I will be able to get that with a discount.

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