Part 2 (conclusion) – White and Ivory

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White and Ivory
2 Cardinal Park Dr SE # 201B
Leesburg, VA 20175-4401


J was introduced at church to someone who worked at a small jewelry store called White & Ivory. It was near Leesburg Outlet. Upon entering, we saw a small but nicely decorated store which seemed to elegantly display various jewelry. The size of the store was approximately the same as Dominion Jewelers’ second floor, but the setup of White & Ivory was a lot more elegant and presentable.

Upon browsing their selection, we saw a few that we liked features of, but no one setting stood out. When we asked if a ring could be fashioned by a designer, using the crown of one ring and the band of another, they contacted the designer and let us know a few days later that it was possible. They reassured us that they wanted us to find the ring that we wanted rather than choose one of their settings, and they advised us to continue looking and let them know if we found one we liked.

It was while we were communicating with White & Ivory that I came across Tacori’s website and saw a setting that I immediately liked. I felt it was what J and I had been searching for, and showed J the setting. She thought it was cute and said she was leaving the ring decision to me because choosing your own ring is a very difficult and stressful task (unless you already know what ring you want before being engaged).

I emailed White & Ivory and told them about the Tacori setting that I really liked. They did not carry Tacori, but stated that they would look into their partner stores who did. As mentioned in a previous post, Mervis Diamond Importers actually contacted Tacori and got a sample of the setting that I wanted, so I asked J to go with me just so I could borrow her finger. When we saw the sample, we loved it (but not the Mervis quoted price, which I’ve already mentioned in a prior post).

In the end, White & Ivory was able to get the setting that I wanted, an excellent quality diamond for a great deal, and they tried every which way to help lower the cost of the ring (e.g. offering me a 3-4% discount if I paid with a check instead of credit card, which was the merchant fee that they would have had to pay the credit card company).

I learned two important lessons from dealing with White & Ivory: 1) Although their dimmer lighting made their diamonds sparkle less than at Jared’s, it was also easier to see the difference in diamond color. I could tell the difference between an E color and a G color at White & Ivory, while H color looked as clear as any other at Jared’s.; and 2) Once we saw the ring in sunlight and in various lights at restaurants and stores, we got to see how sparkly and beautiful the ring was. Lighting seems to be the biggest external factor on how a diamond looks, and I am very tempted to take J to Jared’s so that we could do a side by side comparison to the Leo Diamond and the Peerless Diamond (which I had thought were the sparkliest diamonds). I’ve already seen our diamond next to the Costco display and it shines just as brilliantly.

For a guy that didn’t know, or care, about diamonds before getting engaged, I’ve learned a lot. It took about 4 months since being engaged for J to get her engagement ring, but we’re both happy and I feel confident that I got the right ring for us. Though I highly advise taking less time than I did to choose a ring, I hope your journey leads you closer to your betrothed and a better understanding of her style and personality.

PS – When people see her ring, they’ll see your personality and style in it as well. Here’s the ring (finally)!

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