What to do with your Wedding Hair

Like most women, I grew my hair out for my wedding day.  I wanted long, luscious locks in my wedding pictures, and put up with the heat, weight and annoyance of unusually long hair for a long time in order to achieve that.  With my wedding behind me, I decided it was time to get rid of the super long hair and go for a more short, chic, and married-life-friendly haircut.  Rather than waste all that hair, I decided to donate it to Locks of Love.

Locks of Love is an organization that makes hairpieces for disadvantaged children with medical hair loss.  They accept donations of clean, dry, unbleached hair in lengths of 10″ or more.  The hair must be braided or tied in a pony tail.

I’m pretty sure my hair will never again be as long as it was on my wedding day, and I’m also pretty sure that that is the case for many brides.  Since you’ve already grown your hair out so much, why not do something good with it?  It will give you good karma for your wedded life.

Post-Wedding Hair

My hair. A little creepy, but it does a lot of good! Photo by Me.

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2 Responses to What to do with your Wedding Hair

  1. Joan says:

    that’s a great idea, I donate to locks of love every 2 years, grow my hair out long and just chop it off! added incentive is to look around for area salons that is a participating sponsor and will give you a free blunt cut (I usually go to Great Clips), and they’ll even take care of sending it off. Just be sure to bring your camera if you want a memento.

  2. Aliza says:

    Just make sure that Locks of Love is really the donation you want to make. There are a lot more restrictions on their donations, and they actually throw out most of the hair that they use. They actually prefer getting monetary donations. Also, they do not donate most of their wigs to cancer patients, but to those who have alopecia (a disease that makes the patient’s hair fall out). Please do your research and find the best match for your donation (both for the requirements and what they do with the hair). Here’s a good overview of many of the donation possibilities: http://www.squidoo.com/donateyourhair

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