Candy Centerpieces

There are many alternatives to flowers for your big day, and in most cases, non-flower centerpieces can save you a bundle.  These centerpieces were made by my mother dearest for my sister’s high school reunion.  The colors were red, white, and blue, but with the endless assortment of candies available on the market, you can pick any colors your want.

We started with mason jars and filled the jars with layers of different colored jelly beans.  Jelly beans are available by flavor at certain upscale candy stores (don’t worry, we didn’t pick out the red, white, and blue beans from a multipack and you don’t have to either).  Candy canes topped with curlicue ribbon were added and stood up in the jelly bean base of the centerpiece.

We made 24 centerpieces for less than $100, and because the candies don’t wilt like flowers do, we were able to do these a week in advance.  Candy centerpieces are a whimsical alternative to expensive flowers, and they are so easy!

Candy Centerpiece

This is so easy, a groom could do it. Photo by Me.

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2 Responses to Candy Centerpieces

  1. Aliza says:

    Where was this at our reunion! ;-)

  2. Katie says:

    I reused them, and we had them too! They just couldn’t compete with all the alcoholic beverages.

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