Recipe for a Great Registry

In all honesty, when getting married, Lucky Kris and I really needed nothing but each other and enough food to feed all the guests at our wedding.  However, that being said, because our guests were so generous but also a bit clueless about our needs in our first home together, we opted to do a gift registry.

We used the opportunity of our wedding to upgrade all of our kitchen items.  Gone were our melted spatulas and hand-me-down pots and pans!  But, where are two OCD non-cooks to look when registering for kitchen gadgets?  We opted to use the America’s Test Kitchen Comprehensive Buying Guide located in the back of their TV Show Cookbook to give us an idea of what to buy from the best meat thermometer to the greatest saucepan.  Using a combination of registries on the beloved Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond web sites, were able to sign up for everything and know that the products would deliver.  We can also learn how to properly use all those kitchen gadgets by reading the Test Kitchen cookbook and magazines, or watching the TV show.

We’re still not the greatest cooks in the world, but we are slowly getting better, and knowing that we have the best tools to help us on our way is excellent!  (Try the creamy mashed potatoes recipe.  It impressed my mother-in-law last Thanksgiving!)

America's Test Kitchen

I think you need to buy this book (I don't work for them, I promise.) source:

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  1. Susie COlho says:

    I surely did not comprehend that. Learnt a thing new nowadays! Thanks for that.

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