Rose Petals

Rose petals were left on the seat before the ceremony began.

I thought this friend did a great job by giving rose petals to only the guests sitting closest to the aisle. It allows the other guests to clap and cheer. And it made for great photos. She left the little baggies on the seat so the guest could read the note and understand the request long before the ceremony began.

The little baggie included an instructional note.

The instructional note read:

“Petals of wishes for the new Mr. & Mrs.

To toss in the air and sprinkle around
To shower the couple so that joy will abound.
When Edris and John exit as a pair,
please joyously toss your petals high in the air!”

We had another friend that gave bubbles to everyone but all the guests had trouble opening the bottle and by the time we opened the bottle and blew our first bubbles, the bridal couple already walked down the aisle. The cheering and clapping was delayed because we wanted to blow bubbles as the bride asked.

Lesson learned: If you want rose petals or bubbles when you exit the ceremony, expect only the guests sitting next to the aisle to participate. Allow the other guests to clap and cheer you coming down the aisle.

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One Response to Rose Petals

  1. Chantal says:

    I really love this idea of guests throwing flower petals when the couple walks down the aisle. It still resembles the tradition of throwing rice, but is good for the environment:)

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