A Google Engineer’s Geeky Proposal

Photo Source: mashable.com

A Google engineer, with his coworkers, created an app using Google maps to send his girlfriend on a scavenger hunt throughout New York City. She had to check-in at each location to get the next clue and a red rose. At the seventh location, there he has with a ring! Mashable notes their list of 10 ten geeky proposals, if you wanted some inspiration to do a geeky proposal, too. However, I believe that the girl would need to be at least a little bit geeky to appreciate the proposal, in my humble opinion. That being said, I love geeky proposals! :)

Have you heard or seen of a geeky proposal? 

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One Response to A Google Engineer’s Geeky Proposal

  1. How creative and romantic. Good on the girlfriend for being such a sport and going along with this.

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